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Medieval churches: sources and forms - Khan Academy Information about Church architecture. Prior to the medieval era, Paganism was the common religion. Monks and nuns devoted their lives to the service of God. They lived in female-only or male-only communities called monasteries, and never married. They also vowed to live lives of obedience and poverty.

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Monastic life originated in Egypt in the third century. The simple way of life and livelihood attracted many already poverty-stricken peasants, who also desired a safe life and one that was more spiritual. Monasteries were supported by offering goods and services to the public and the crown. They produced fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheeses, meats and ales beer for sale. They also made herbal remedies, tended to the sick, injured and dying. Often they were employed to create documents and record information such as births, deaths and marriages, as they were among the few aside from the upper and royal classes to have an education and the ability to read and write.

Some of the oldest books in Europe were created, by hand, by monks. Some monasteries set up schools, in which the noble classes could be educated.

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If merchant class people could afford some education, it was usually restricted to arithmetic so they could keep accounts of their business transactions. Throughout The Middle Ages, the Christian churches of Europe advanced both art and architecture by building larger, grander churches called cathedrals. Cathedrals were massive structures with the finest design and adorned inside and out with the very best in sculpture and art.

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Inside these architectural marvels, fine woodwork, paintings, murals, tapestries and sculptures were installed. Baptismal fonts, chalices, shrines, reliquaries and other accessories of the Mass were usually made of gold and silver. Fine jewels were often used to accent these pieces. The early Middle Ages had cathedrals built in the Romanesque style with thick walls and tall, thick pillars to support the roof and ceiling. This made walls much stronger and allowed for more and larger windows. This new style was called Gothic, and appeared around the year The walls were made of shaped stone instead of natural stone, which was commonly used for churches and other buildings.

Masons were the craftsmen who carved and shaped the stones into simple structural blocks or fancier, decorative blocks, sculptures or gargoyles. Masons marked their stones with a signature graphic that was unique to him - the more stones with his mark, the more he got paid. Invariably, cathedrals had their administrative areas, which, in turn, were subdivided into smaller parishes with local churches and monasteries.

The head of the cathedral was called a bishop.

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Knights and kings were attacking the Holy Lands of the Middle East in the name of God and with the blessing of the Christian Church during this volatile period, which is sometimes called the Golden Age of Chivalry. The Crusades happened in waves over the centuries as power shifted between the Christians and the Muslims, who fought back and reclaimed their territories.

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Each crusade generally lasted for a year or more before the area was secured and the queen could return home. By comparison, other expeditions into China or India could last two or three years. By , the Crusades were at an end and the crusading soldiers abandoned the area and returned home. Use the following downloadable lesson plans and worksheets to guide your classroom through a medieval journey before or after your visit to the castle! Join Our Birthday Club! Sign Up.