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They are partially unemployed. Most of our farmers belong to this category. But some people sit idle without any work.

The Problem Of Youth Unemployment

They are the real unemployed persons in the society. We have lots of people in this category. Though they are real man-power of the country, they remain unemployed, unutilized and so unproductive. They are, so to say, our national economy. Causes of Unemployment Problem:.


The unemployment problem is a serious one all over the globe, and it is very acute in a country like India. The first and foremost thing that gives rise to this problem is the present education system. Once this system was started by the British Government in India to create an English knowing class of people who would take up jobs under the assist them for smooth administration. So it was mostly a job-oriented education system. The present student mass has the same objective in their mind, and soon after their study is over, if they find no jobs, they remain unemployed.

Secondly, the ever increasing population in the country makes our unemployment problem quite horrible. Thirdly, we have set up technical institution haphazardly without considering the real requirements of the country. As a result, soon after the completion of professional courses, the students do not try for self-employment, they instead run after Government jobs. This again adds to our unemployment problem. Fifthly, the spread of industries in an agricultural country like India increases the unemployment problem more. Unlike agriculture, there is little scope for employment in industries.

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Moreover, the farmers in India remain partially unemployed because farming can't provide them full engagement all year. Some Solution to the Problem:. Here are some suggestions to solve the problem.

We should first bring about a complete change in the present education system so that our young students will be self-reliant and they will no more seek any government jobs to earn their livelihood. Instead of setting up heavy industries in the country, we should encourage useful small-scale and cottage industries which will undoubtedly provide engagements to more and more people. Our agriculture should be modernized so that it will attract our educated youth. The unemployed young men and women should be extended every financial aid to pursue some occupation independently and thus earn their living.

While preparing our national plans, the government should pay particular attention to create more fields for self-employment. All these steps may help us solve the problems. Our government have already started taking already started taking some steps in this regard. There is a lot to be done yet. Similar Articles:. Status of Women in India. National Flag of India. Jawaharlal Nehru.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Popular Posts. It also helps pay the clerk's salary, the truckers who haul the food, and even the farmers who grow it. The clerks, truckers, and farmers then buy groceries. This ripple effect keeps demand strong, creating added benefit. Stores keep their employees to supply the goods and services the unemployed need.

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Without these benefits, demand would drop. The plans must be updated, workers hired, and supplies delivered. Better-educated people can get higher-paying jobs. They can buy more things with the higher wages they earn.

It only creates 8, jobs for the same investment. Modern defense relies more on drones, Fs, and aircraft carriers than soldiers. One billion dollars in cuts creates 10, jobs.

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Causes and solutions of the unemployment

Psychologically, they are less likely to spend anything extra. It just doesn't feel like a bonus. As a result, people are more liable to save anything they get or use it to pay down other debts. They produce 65 percent of all new jobs. Investors could lose the desire for that government's debt. But according to the Laffer Curve , that's only true if taxes are more than 50 percent to start with. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance, you accept our. US Economy Fiscal Policy. By Kimberly Amadeo. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand.

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